Sim, hoje o post vai ser em português! Desde que entrei no programa Platform Champions da Salesforce, só escrevi posts em inglês. Essa semana pensei: por que não escrever em português?

Saudades de uma churrascaria

Então pensei na ideia durante o final de semana prolongado aqui na Holanda (ontem foi dia do rei e feriado por aqui) e resolvi criar uma solução simples para consultar CEP no Salesforce. …

There are a couple of standard options to upload a CSV file and create records, but sometimes depending on the business requirements you will need to have a custom and intuitive solution to upload a file and run a custom process to create/update records. This post will cover how to upload a CSV, parse the contents of the file and create Account records, displaying some simple feedback for the user at the end. This is a really simple LWC to parse a CSV file and create records and it can be a starting point to a more robust solution.

What a lovely day in The Netherlands. You wake up thinking that it will be a sunny day, but 20 minutes later it starts to rain.

This weekend I went by train to Cochem in Germany and it took me 5 hours to go and 5 hours to come back. In between the connections, I had the idea to write a blog post about promises chaining. This concept is being really helpful in my latest projects.

If you have the opportunity, go visit Cochem!

Have you ever come to a situation where you had to call Apex methods or some standard LWC Javascript APIs multiple times to fulfill the actions that you need? So this blog post is for you.

Today I am going to talk about how to use promise chains in Lightning…

Yet another windy and rainy day in The Netherlands, so I stayed at home today and used the free time to write this article about how to create a Lightning Web Component confirmation dialog.

A little bit windy…
A little bit windy…
Dancing chairs…

I had to create this component for one of the projects I am working on and I thought it would be worth it to share the idea. The basic scenario here is to have a modal to show a message to the users and ask if they want to proceed or cancel the operation. Here is the final result:

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